About WorldKlass Technologies

Cameron Dynamics deploys a patented fuel and emissions technology that, when applied to liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels in combustion engines, substantially reduces the emissions profile and fuel consumption. Based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the company is a product of the vision of two individuals with backgrounds in electro-physics, quantum mechanics, chemical engineering, transportation and business development.


  • Company founded in 2007 & headquartered in Allentown, PA
  • The technology utilizes properties of quantum physics that are responsible for infrared radiation (IR) interactions with hydrocarbon molecules
  • Specialized ceramic material, consisting of transition metal oxides, emits photons in the mid- and far-infrared zoneCeramic tiles are created and molded to emit directionally
  • Technology is deployed using a patented canister, made in the United States, that is lined with the ceramic tiles
  • Canisters act as energy transfer system that absorb wasted radiant heat from the engine, convert it to infrared energy, and emit photons at specific
  • Fuel savings between 5%-10% with a 45.0% reduction of harmful particulate matter (emissions)
  • Emission reduction is significant portion of overall value of technology
  • Company has purposely spent initial 5 years in testing to gain credibility and optimize efficiency prior to extensive marketing
  • Company has remained focused on data collection and product refinement
  • The company is currently exploring strategic options to rapidly build and scale the business nationally and internationally

For detailed information on WK’s research results please see “Research” herein.

Bill Grovatt

President and Co-Founder

William “Bill” Grovatt is the President and Co-Founder of Cameron Dynamics Group LLC and has served as President  of Cameron Dynamics dba WorldKlass Technologies since 2007. Prior to his work with  Cameron Dynamics, Bill was a consultant for Integrated Fuel Technologies located in Kirkland, Washington where he directed a research and development firm to bring their emission reduction technology to market. From 1997 – 2005, Bill was the sole owner of International Eyegear, a leading importer of European sunglasses and optical frames for Sam’s Club, Costco, T.J. Maxx. From 1984-1997, Bill owned and operated a board game manufacturer for both proprietary and private label. Through Russell, Bill created “PlayEd Games” and sold these games through “big box” retailers. Bill acquired Creative Products, a gag gift manufacturer, in 1992. Prior to his acquisition of Russell, Bill owned 50% of Old English Frozen Foods, which manufactured and sold pastries wholesale to the grocery market. Bill has over 40 years of operational and business development experience.

Alan Kline

VP of Sales & Marketing

Alan Kline has been on the WK Board of Directors since 2010.  He has 25 plus years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries.  Al secured his NASD Series 7 and 63 licenses while in the financial industry.  Worked with businesses and individuals implementing strategic procedures focusing on retirement, business continuation and estate planning.  Within a two year period  Kline produced $5 million in group health insurance premiums using sophisticated technical tools, their extensive practical experience, and the necessary people skills required to navigate the business and underwriting needs of clients.  Kline attended Shippensburg University majoring in Business Administration.

Tom Frawley

Lead Engineer

Frawley is one of two lead engineers at WorldKlass, and is leading efforts to deploy the technology in the railroad locomotive and public transit markets, sectors in which he has worked for over 37 years.  He is a licensed engineer in Pennsylvania and California, and earned his B.S.I.E. at Lehigh University, has a law degree from Temple University and an MBA.  Frawley has delivered numerous successful assignments for 45 clients in fifteen US states, the District of Columbia, and three foreign countries. Some of his most relevant assignments include: field testing of braking systems on SEPTA rolling stock; development of locomotive component overhaul procedures; and, development of rail rolling stock specifications.

Dr. Wey

Dr. Albert Wey Ph.D. MBA

Dr. Albert Wey Ph.D. MBA, is the owner of most of the patents which are licensed exclusively to Cameron Dynamics Group LLC.  Dr. Wey has served as President and CEO of Aldi Far-IR Products, Inc. since 1998. Prior to founding Aldi, Dr. Wey managed a joint venture project sponsored by Pratt Whitney and NASA to develop an ultrasonic non-destructive inspection (NDI) method for ceramic ball bearings to be used as components of the main engine in space shuttles. Dr. Wey was certified by NASA and 33 of his ceramic ball bearings were used in the main engine of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1995. Dr. Wey has been a principal investigator in millions of dollars of government-sponsored R&D and SBIR programs and his funding sources have included DOE, DOD, SDIO, DARPA, NASA and NSF. Prior to his work with the government, Dr. Wey was a Senior Engineer & Project Manager at Amphenol Fiber Optics Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Allied Signals. He designed and developed lithium-niobate based integrated optical circuit for fiber optic communication and won three IR-100 awards. From 1984-1986 Dr. Wey was a Research Associate at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. where he designed and developed innovative technology using laser-magnetostatic wave interaction under an inhomogeneous magnetic field for real-time microwave signal processing. From 1980-1984, Dr. Wey was a Research Engineer at Quantronix Corp. where he won the first of his IR-100 Awards on the inventive “Variable-wavelength Photo-mask Repairing System” for semiconductor processing. Dr. Wey has been published numerous times for his work on Far-Infrared and IR-related topics and applications and has won four R&D 100 Awards throughout his career. Dr. Wey holds a B.S. degree in Electrophysics, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering, a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business. Dr. Wey is a member of SAE-International, ASM, AFSS and NTEA.