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Based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and founded in 2007, environmental engineering group WorldKlass Technologies, is the vision of three individuals whose backgrounds in transportation, chemical engineering and business development led them to Dr. Albert C. Wey, inventor of an infrared fuel ceramic promising major reductions in fuel consumption and emissions.

The product was developed under the direction of Dr. Wey, whose background includes work at aerospace giant Pratt and Whitney and NASA where he developed methods to test ceramic ball bearings used in the main engines of US Space Shuttles. Dr. Wey’s background in electro-physics, electromagnetic waves, applied optics and quantum mechanics led him to learn and research ceramic infrared emissions and ultimately, with the help of a team of American scientists, the creation of the device.

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Recognizing the need in the marketplace and the limitless potential of the device to have a real impact on fuel consumption and emissions for fleets and other high fuel consumers, company co-founders Bill Grovatt and David Johnston teamed up with Tom Mesko, now CEO, to coordinate legal and licensing agreements to offer the product in the US and internationally. Grovatt’s extensive business development background along with Mesko’s businesses related to the transportation industry create a strong foundation. Johnston comes to the table as a chemical engineer with 20+ years in emissions controls technologies. Together, these visionaries continue to consult with Dr. Wey and other advisors. Their varied expertise combined seamlessly for the successful launch of this product to market.

During the last year, the introduction of WorldKlass IR Canisters™ has been met with praise. Users including trucks in the Nestle products private fleet, Blaschak Coal Company an anthracite mining company, ShuttleX transportation, the Marriott Frenchman's Reef Resort in St. Thomas USA, and Susquehanna Trailways private motor coach company have experienced unprecedented results as promised.

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The company holds patents for the rights to the core technology of WorldKlass IR Canisters™ in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and China.

The company continues to research new opportunities in the energy and emissions sectors. The goal is to: